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Anal stretching between handsome black guys


The evening begins with languorous kisses and caresses between these two beautiful black babes carved into the rock. They are there to hug, sitting on the couch, and know full well what the other expects of them. The first is the plunge and opened the fly of her guy to release a massive cock, already half off and bandaged. He does not waste a second and the Rams are far in the throat, making sure to pump the rod along its entire length. The other is ecstatic: he grabs his head to push his cock deeper into her mouth! His trunk, now very well lubricated, is ready to receive preferential treatment in the ass of his friend. On four legs on the sofa, it is well above its back and waits for her boyfriend smashes him violently. Once the pile is fully in, he can not help but cry with enjoyment, and wiggle his beautiful muscled ass to encourage him to possess it fully … A session of anal stretching as we see too rarely these days !

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