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Picnic deep well


It’s great: the weather is mild, and our two guys are being groped on a hammock with their bodies and sharpened their excitement palpable … The jean is the first completely distorted by the painter that likes to tease the other, shirtless, which will soon get meekly kneeling in the grass to suck. A small tablecloth picnic is just not to get dirty: it has no intention of eating anything other than the anus and cock! The balèze the orange bandana now a true pillar of a cathedral between the legs. He leans over to lick the ass deep brown, which goes on all fours without protest, and soon felt the big guy get his penis in him. This tail-ending progress inch by inch, until massaging the bottom of his belly … it fucks him dizzy, the beautiful brown! The movements are accelerated, intensified, and soon they are true chisel blows the guy to balance her bandana. The brown part in a trance, masturbating furiously, and eventually cum, feeling the sperm of her boyfriend cover the belly …

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