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The two friends discuss the show with a new acquisition, a kind of brass knuckles giant carved, polished and varnished. The sensation that emanates from the work provokes in them a sudden desire to caress and sucking, as if the work they commanded their every move. She orders to remove the pants and take the tail of the other deep in the mouth, lick his ass, balls, and shove the tongue and fingers in its foundation. Both are long and thin, they have small butt sexy, curves and holes as in sculpture. The frenzy that has gripped them is exacerbated by the collection of dildos that they will sink while eating more better-tailed. The pleasure is intense, the discharge is imminent. A foot fetishist encourages one of our artists to take his shoes and splash of spunk. What happened exactly? No one can tell. They took their foot, it’s at least. The nerds plump revisited the true meaning of art, an appeal to the senses.

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