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Soldiers at attention now!


Soldiering is not always easy and one must at times endure unorthodox treatments, but intensive training allows us to adapt to these situations. In this scene, two soldiers gays decide to release their secret weapon to get a good shot. The two guys take out their beautiful hard cocks to deliver a dual blowjob and enculade. They suck ferociously by taking a lot of fun. They also love to pinch nipples history of getting some extra sensations and increase their pleasure. With a dildo pretty big, one of them decides to open the doors of pleasure by sliding firmly into the anus of his partner who lets him in without a fight. Clearly, her anus is not his first campaign in terms of penetration. Once it expanded more than his compatriot will even insert his entire fist into her anus juicy. Men are desperate to give themselves for thrills, and they load their guns both before discharging it as if it was a struggle.

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